Do you have questions about All Season Sunrooms, their cost and the possible return on investment?

Our FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions will hopefully answer some of these questions for you.


What can I use a sunroom for?

You can do many things like eating breakfast or dinner, sunbathing, entertaining friends, all with the feeling of being outdoors 356 days a year.

How much does a sunroom cost?

As a custom home improvement project, the cost of a Lifestyle Sunroom can vary depending on size, style and features.

We have a low monthly payment plan that can make the investment in a new sunroom easy.

What does a sunroom sit on?

The sunroom sits on an insulated deck system which is supported by steel auger posts.

Does the sunroom come with a warranty?

There is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the room frame, glass, and hardware.

Do we need a permit to build a sunroom?

You do need a permit but we will take care of that for you.

Is there a return on investment in buying a sunroom?

Homeowners choose to invest in Lifestyle Sunroom for the value and freedom it adds to their daily lives and it adds tangible value to your home.

How long to build the deck and sunroom?

Getting the permits for you and factory production averages 6 to 8 weeks.

Onsite installation takes 1 to 2 weeks.