September of 2011, we purchased a Lifestyle Sunroom (Studio Style) and it was installed by All Season Sunrooms (Bob Sinclaire) of Berry Mills NB.

From our first meeting Bob was very helpful in explaining the sunroom to us and the requirements for a professional installation; we had looked at other sunrooms, however Bob’s professionalism convinced us to go with Lifestyle.

Bob also recommended that we install glass in the transon on the two sides and to use knee walls (half glass and half wall) on the three sides at the floor level for more light and appearance, which today we are very pleased on these two recommendations as it met both criterias light and appearance.

The installation was done very quickly and professionally as they looked after all the small details to create a sound sunroom.

We have gone through two winters with the sunroom and it has handled our snow loads with no problems (and we had major storms with heavy roof loads); I was very skeptical when I looked at the roof panels upon delivery but they insured me that the ceiling panels are well designed.

We use our sunroom from the middle of March till the middle of November and enjoy it immensely, we had a cottage previously and as we were getting up in age we decided perhaps a sun room was the way to go for our home in Moncton and we have no regrets what so ever as we can enjoy all day regardless of the elements outside, enjoy the cool breezes on a hot day and close the windows on a cool day and sit back and relax.

You build and excellent product and combined with a professional installer (Bob Sinclaire), we could have not made a better decision; we recommend it to all of our guests.